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APRIL 19, 2018 //     

How 3 Brands Brought Tech to Life at Coachella

Credit: Koury Angelo for American ExpressIridescence, exclusivity and a party: three different elements that Google, American Express and Amazon used to bring their activations to life at the fashion-meets-music-festival, Coachella. Because even festivals are now tech and marketing events. READ MORE
APRIL 18, 2018 //     

‘Baskin-Robbins Got Me Like’ Is 2018’s Twerkiest, GIFiest, Meme-iest Ad Campaign

This is not your father’s Baskin-Robbins. Unless he’s one of those dads who really loves to embarrass you by singing along to Ariana Grande at full volume in the car.

The ice cream brand’s newest campaign, “Baskin-Robbins Got Me Like,” revels in the meme culture of the moment by embracing not just a popular piece of lingo, but also bright and GIF-friendly imagery that, regardless of your feelings on them, are certain to get your attention. 

APRIL 18, 2018 //     

Selfie Commerce: Snapchat Adds Shopping To Its Augmented Reality Ads

Credit: Snapchat

Snapchat is creating augmented reality shopping ads, blending selfies with commerce.

The messaging and media app is calling its new creation—a blend of paid lenses with commerce capabilities—"shoppable AR." It has tested the ads with Clairol, Adidas, "Candy Crush" game maker King, and STX movie studio.

APRIL 16, 2018 //     

Ad of the Day: AI bots experience existential crises in original film from Ted

Ted, the learning platform famed for its Ted Talks, has released an original film uncovering what would happen if AI bots become human enough to experience mental health issues. READ MORE
APRIL 16, 2018 //     

Boring Weekdays, Annoyed With Their Newfound Popularity, Come to Life in These Resort Ads

Credit: MGM National Harbor

Actors portray days of the week—Monday through Thursday specifically, with a quick cameo by Friday—in MGM National Harbor’s new ads from McCann.

The work is designed to boost early- and midweek visits to the Maryland entertainment and gaming destination. After all, why wait until the weekend to blow your money on craps? (Kidding, of course. You could also spend it on stage shows and fancy bistros there.)

APRIL 13, 2018 //     

Intimate and Insightful, These Shaving Interviews for Bevel Explore Subtle Challenges for Men of Color

Credit: Bevel

Tristan Walker has one question for consumers: “Have you ever seen a black man shave?”

As founder and CEO of Walker and Company Brands, which includes men’s shaving brand Bevel, Walker has long felt that men of color—and their specific challenges—are omitted from the mainstream discussions around personal grooming

Bevel Mirrors, a new campaign for the ecommerce brand, seeks to start correcting the imbalance by featuring 10 videos of customers sharing their stories about shaving, coming of age and the obstacles to personal expression—all while in the vulnerable and intimate situation of shaving themselves on camera.

APRIL 12, 2018 //     

How Viceland is building a bold TV brand: 'Weed Week is our Shark Week'

When it was set up two years ago, Viceland was a surprising proposition: a TV channel born from an online news channel. The move was a surprise only because the media narrative was that traditional media ‘was dying’ as a result of continued digital disruption.

Nonetheless, Viceland found an audience that wasn’t being served. It offered a unique tone of voice and took a look at a variety of lifestyle topics such as sex, drugs, music, culture. It offered a birdseye view of what it means to be a part of today’s world. That is certainly the focus that its senior director of marketing, Michele Beno has taken in promoting and building the brand.

APRIL 12, 2018 //     

Why Would an Ad Create the ‘Worst Song in the World’? To Make a Pretty Relatable Point, Actually

Credit: MonoprixThe amusing new ad from French food-and-sundries retailer Monoprix poses a pretty basic question: Why would a young woman suffer through an impossibly bad song instead of just skipping it? There’s an answer, but you have to wait until the end. READ MORE
APRIL 12, 2018 //     

The Intro of ’80s TV Classic Dallas Has Been Perfectly Recreated for the City’s First NFL Draft

Credit: NFL Networks

Add an homage to Dallas, the soapy prime-time drama, to the ever-growing list of nostalgic ‘80s references continuing to sweep pop culture and advertising.

But the stars of this new digital short—from Stun Creative in Los Angeles—aren’t Bobby, Sue Ellen or any of the landed gentry from the Ewing clan. They’re the hottest young prospects in football.

The show’s iconic intro is reborn as an NFL Draft 2018 promo that recreates, nearly shot for shot, the Dallas opening credits, from the sweeping city views to the bombastic theme music. And no, they did not forget the oil rigs.

APRIL 9, 2018 //     

Lena Waithe Plays Shoe Shrink to Shalane Flanagan in Nike's Latest Ad

Ahead of winning the New York Marathon last year, long-distance runner Shalane Flanagan had a gut-wrenching nightmare--she dreamed that right before the race, someone had stolen her shoes--her Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4 percents, to be specific.

This true story serves as the springboard for Nike's latest ad, which drops just ahead of Flanagan's next race this weekend, The Boston Marathon.

APRIL 9, 2018 //     

Study: Influencer Marketing Spending Expected To Rise

43% of the national advertisers already engaging in influencer marketing plan to put even more money into it in the next 12 months, according to a study released last week by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

The study, based on a survey of 158 client-side marketers, found 75% of national advertisers currently use influencer marketing, with Instagram and Facebook the top social channels for deploying such initiatives. READ MORE

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